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AQSIQ cling film containing plasticizers in the end together illegal respond
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July 28 , CCTV " Weekly Quality Report " exposed , said in Beijing , Shanghai and Guangzhou market selling 16 kinds PVC (polyvinyl chloride ) plastic film , contains 15 kinds of "Disabled" plasticizer DEHA ( adipic acid two ethylhexyl ) , quoted the AQSIQ 2005 announcement No. 155 's requirement that "No DEHA used to film preservation food packaging ."

The news was broke , causing widespread concern of consumers , but also many of the media have on PVC products , " fire ." In response to this public hot spots , AQSIQ Oversight Division responsible person in an interview with reporters to respond : According to the existing national standard GB9685-2008 ( referred to as the new standard ), DEHA is legal additives.

According to reports , AQSIQ Announcement No. 155 2005 Posted on October 25, 2005 , the notice under GB9685-2003 ( referred to the old standard ) requirements , allowing DOA ( dioctyl adipate ) usage is 35 percent , and prohibits DEHA for film preservation food packaging , according to the old standard and DOA as a plasticizer DEHA use have different requirements . But the new standard has replaced the old standard , the old standard has been abolished. In the new standard for DEHA and DOA requirements for PVC products have changed , DEHA and DOA are allowed for the production of PVC products .

It seems that some institutions only AQSIQ Announcement No. 155 of 2005 in the request , to the community of PVC cling film market, the quality of the security situation , apparently to confuse the concept . National food safety risk assessment center risk communication Zhong Kai , vice Institute also believes that the standards apply to all food packaging materials , DEHA " Disabled" untenable .

So AQSIQ Announcement No. 155 is still valid then ? AQSIQ Oversight Division, the answer is: in force in the relevant standard PVC cling film for the new standard , " food containers, packaging materials additives health standards" , and the standard as a national food safety standards , mandatory, so in 2005 the quality AQSIQ announcement No. 155 involved in standards-related requirements will also change . Currently, the AQSIQ in food containers and packaging materials regulatory work, has urged all localities to strictly in accordance with the requirements of the new standards on additives conduct daily supervision .

In addition , consumers are generally concerned about the dangers of DEHA and DOA . According to nutrition experts , DEHA and DOA of isomers , DEHA is not soluble in water, soluble in organic solvents such as alcohol , fats and oils , direct contact with the fat foods can cause the dissolution , the penetration and the contact time and temperature a relationship, while DOA relative to DEHA is more stable, so long as the use of attention method , PVC cling film is not terrible .

Reporters learned that access to the new standard , the standard for DEHA and DOA for the production of PVC products usage and migration requirements are the same, that is, in film preservation in the production of PVC products , DEHA and DOA maximum use level are not more than 35% . According to test results , the so-called DEHA " excessive" worst 400 times , the content of 23.6% , still below the standard requirements of DEHA usage ( content ) of 35% , are not exceeded.

For the chemical industry to replace the DOA DEHA how to identify problem situations , AQSIQ Oversight Division , the official said , the AQSIQ will be based on the new standard , which allows producers to DEHA and DOA for PVC cling film production , but the maximum usage and specific migration should comply with the new standards.

Pre:Experts say PVC cling film DEHA has long been designated as legitimate additive
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